our application

Job Placing in the VET sector is really important for many reasons. The perfect combination of interest and needs is something that educational institutes seek for decades. We decided to give it a try and use technology match making in this challenging era. So feel free to use our application, which is going to be released by the end of 2016 and give it a try. Either you come from the market or you want to enter it here we are to help!



the application is going to be released in Android format in the beginning. after that an IOS version will come up baesd on the data and feedback of the android version. we really need your feedback though...


the web format will be released in the same time with the android format and it will be available by the end of 2016. compatible with chrome, mozilla, opera and edge browsers will fulfill every beneficiary's preference...



the application will be based in the very successful RAINOVA model of thinking. we transfer this model to the needs of job placement of beneficiaries to the market in order to get the demanded experience...keep in touch to learn more in the future...


everything in this life might need some help to use it, so we are going to publish a manual of how to work with this application, though we plan to make it as simple as possible... stay tuned for more...