Working Procedure

The Job Placement Application is a tool to help students think and get prepared for their Job Placement especially abroad. It aims to raise their awareness on the different reality they are going to face in a different environment from all aspects, social, economic, culural etc. With their teacher’s help and answering the questions on the application it is certain they are going to prepare mor themselves for this big voyage they intend to do. May you find any difficulties , please follow the following steps and you will enjoy the application!

Step 1

Here we are! First we have to press on Download in order to download the latest version (this will not happen on the Google Play)


Step 2

It is connecting to the server


Step 3

Once connected it will ask for some credentials (just for security reasons). it is already filled in for you.


Step 4

Choose the form on the top of the screen and press “Get Selected”


Step 5

Now you are ready to start!


Step 6

The trip has now begun and by the arrows at the bottom you change the screens


Step 6

Choose the JopApp logo in order to start, otherwise see the why and how of this application!