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Recent European studies and partners experience have shown a shortage of soft skills among the students entering the labour market. The current labour market needs require new approaches and methods to get the necessary qualified work force. The aim of the project is to reinforce these skills through the direct application of the innovation model and tool, JOPAPP (job placement app), in the implementation of the module called “job placement”, in which students spend a training period working in a company abroad.

Nowadays, students do not seek their own work practices, it is the center who looks for, manages and develops the whole process. The student should lead the development of this process, they should be the driving engine of their own learning process, which would develop their soft skills such as a positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, strong work ethic, problem solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability, working well under pressure, competences for innovation in VET students.

This JOPAPP model implements the contents and best practices of the RAINOVA model, previous European project, adapting it to a learning environment and creating a Manual of Implementation for teachers and counselors and creating an innovative app to guide students through the process of finding their work placement.

Much attention has been directed to enhancing innovation activities related to business management. Innovation, however, has to reach the company workers and their training. In particular, teaching VET students how to be innovative in their workplace.

Educational institutions need to lead the way in developing these innovative techniques and teach necessary skills to their own students. Our primary target group are VET teachers and counselors involved in the job training placements, and VET students. The use of this model and its application has to be transnational as the current labour market is.

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The RAINOVA IMM is an Innovation Management Model designed to be applied in SMEs and micro-SMEs, as well as in Vocational Training Centres, associations and local and regional development agencies. The model is based on the idea that any organization can be innovative if its innovation tools and suggestions are implemented, regardless of its size, sector or socio-economic environment.

The Rainova model has the potential and the simplicity that makes it valid also for application in more closed settings, such as the classroom. Therefore,
– we want to check to what extent current practices in the management of classroom activities in VET centers in Europe in the early twenty-first century approach the hypotheses and proposals of Rainova,
– verify that the model implementation in the classroom is effective,
– implement the model in the module called “job placement”, in which students spend a training period working in a company abroad,
– design and develop an app for the model implementation.

This process will contribute to accelerating the spirit and commitment of teachers with innovation in the classroom. And they help raise awareness of the importance of innovation and the characteristics that favour it, contributing to a better transfer of competencies for innovation to the students.

The module called “job placement“, in which students spend a training period working in a company abroad, has two parts, one prior to going into the company which should comprise an extensive knowledge of the company, the culture of the country and the working environment and a second one which is the working practice itself.

Teachers and counsellors often deal with disappointment and unfulfilled students’ expectations. Working extensively in the first stage can develop both the employability skills required by the labour market, as well as a better knowledge and real expectations of the labour market from the students point of view, leading to a successful job training period.

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