Multiplier Event in Greece

Multiplier Event in Greece, Thessaloniki 25/10/2017



The Multiplier event of Jopapp – The job placement app project, took place successfully in Thessaloniki (Greece), on 25/10/2017. The people who attended this event surpassed any prediction and the participation of the JOPAPP partners from Belgium, Lithuania, and Spain was crucial.


The aim of the multiplier event was to discuss and analyse educational and mobility issues concerning students and to present the project and its outputs – mostly JOPAPP application which was created through the implementation of JOPAPP project.

Specifically, during the Multiplier Event, participants discussed:

  • how the educational system provides the right information to students during their studies and their internships,
  • which are the main purposes of the educational tools,
  • what is the JOPAPP application and how students can be helped for their internships abroad

The Multiplier Event attended many participants from several European Countries, such as: Greece, Spain, Finland, UK, Turkey, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Malta, Belgium

Specifically, the Multiplier Event attended 77 participants, who were:

  • Representatives from:
  • Organisations for education
  • NGOs
  • Universities,
  • Colleges
  • Enterprises
  • Employees in private and public sector
  • Teachers / trainers
  • Counselors etc

The Speakers

  • Mr. Peter Hodgson from EfVET (European Forum for Vocational Education & Training), opened the event
  • Mr. Carl Quinn, representative of Creative Alliance
  • Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos, representative of p-consulting company talked about JOPAPP project and how to create an innovative app to guide students through their work placement
  • Mr. Jonathan Harding, representative of Bridgwater and Taunton College
  • Mr. Joachim James Calleja, Director of CEDEFOP, talked about monitoring – Analysing developments in Work-Based learning

Speakers explained the problems that exist and are found every day at all levels of education and post-graduate education. Examples on how to face educational, communication and mentality problems, and of course the most important: “mobility problems”. FAQ’s on general educational issues and finally the methods we have to trust for a better educational future.


The main and common conclusion of the multiplier event is that education has to do not only with the experience in theoretical level but mostly with the importance of the labor’s market mobility. It is significant students who are interesting in traveling in other European Countries for educational or working reasons to have the opportunity to do so under the right conditions. Very important element in order this conditions to be created, is the proper education, and of course the appropriate information. The mobility of the students it is showing an increasing interest among Europe, and the tools that help them accomplish this too.


The Multiplier Event covered the following Intellectual Outputs of the JOPAPP project:

  • IO1: JOPAPP the bridge
  • IO2: JOPAPP training
  • IO3: JOPAPP (mobile application)
  • IO4: JOPAPP manual

as there were discussed issues concerning the application of the Jopapp, as well as its appropriate use.

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