Multiplier Event Portugal

On October 13th 2017, ANESPO held in its office in Lisbon the JOPAPP Multiplier Event

This event counted with the participation of Directors of professional Schools associated to ANESPO and also students from one of the professional schools represented.
All of them had the opportunity to be presented to JOPAPP project and its different products.
Special focus was given to the innovation model transfer in which JOPAPP is based, with reference to the SWOT analysis that resulted from the online consultation developed in the beginning of the project.
Participants were also introduced to Training in JOPAPP and its main objectives, the App and also JOPAPP Manual to Teachers.
An explanatory document about how to access to JOPAPP app was given to all participants in order for them to download it on their mobiles.
This successful Multiplier Event helped participants understand the impact JOPAPP can have on teachers’ and students’ lives if put in to practice and their feedbacks on the project were very positive.

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