4th Meeting of Jopapp

JOPAPP’s Transnational Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal 26-27/06/2017

During two days, 26th and of 27th June 2017, the partners of JOPAPP Project met in the office of ANESPO – Associação Nacional de Escolas Profissionais, in Lisbon.

Among the points in discussion, the partnership focused on the development of JOPAPP’s app, mentioning what has been done up until that moment and how the partners could contribute for the finalisation of the Output.

Also in this meeting, O4The Manual’s construction was revised towards its completion and uploading on JOPAPP’s website.

The organization of the last transnational meeting and multiplier event in Brussels, in the beginning of the month of September, was debated among the partners and there is already a first version of the Programme, elaborated by the host, EfVET. This version will be revised whenever needed, but the Multiplier Event will have as main objective the presentation of the project and its Outputs to all participants.

All partners agreed that this meeting was very fruitful as all the issues on its agenda were addressed and duly resolved, always having in mind the quality of JOPAPP’s Outputs and their adequacy to its target-group – teachers, trainers and students.

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