Kick off Meeting in Donostia 11/2015

The meeting was held in Donostia San Sebastian in Spain the 10th and 11th November 2015.


Agenda Kick off meeting Donostia 10th -11th  November, 2015


Tuesday, 10/11/2015


08:45 –09:15 Welcome and presentation of jopapp partners, introduction of each partner
9:15 –11:15 Presentation of RAINOVA project- outcomes, lessons to learn etc. Tknika, Bittor Arias
Coffee break  


11:30-13:30 RAINOVA project

Workshop: adapting the innovation model to job placement module

Tknika, Bittor Arias
13:30 –14:30 Lunch break  


15:00 –17:00 Project management

  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Project results to be achieved
  • Determination of the final outcome
  • List of main deliverables
All participants


20:30 Dinner, optional  





Wednesday, 11/11/2015


9:00 Meeting at Zubiri-Manteo  


09:00 –11:00  

Project management, coordination and financial issues

  • Information on the meeting with SEPIE, Spanish National Agency
  • General issues
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Reporting (technical and financial)


All partners
10:00 –11:30 Coffee break  


11:30 –13:00  

To do list


All partners
13:00 Lunch break/end of meeting  



The Kick off meeting of the project took place with total success and delivered the certainty of the upcoming productivity.

Next Stop Lithuania at June 2016.

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