Multiplier Event Brussels

The JOPAPP model implements the contents and best practices of the RAINOVA model, previous European project, adapting it to a learning environment and creating a Manual of Implementation for teachers and counselors and creating an innovative app to guide students through the process of finding their work placement.

The project was introduced by the project coordinators, Susana Espilla and Jone Etxebeste (Tknika Center). The Coordinators explained the reasoning behind the project “Nowadays, students do not seek their own work practices, it is the center who looks for, manages and develops the whole process. The student should lead the development of this process, they should be the driving engine of their own learning process, which would develop their soft skills such as a positive attitude, good communication skills, time management abilities, strong work ethic, problem solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and adaptability, working well under pressure, competences for innovation in VET students.” From their perspective the core of JOPAPP is to have been developed following students own experience  when going abroad for a work placement. This experience helped to set up the guidelines for JOPAPP development.

Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos (π-consulting) presented the JOPAPP app to guide students through the process of finding their work placement and students from the IES Zubiri-Manteo BHI (Basque Country) had the opportunity to test it during the event and gave their own feedback to the developers.

You can already download the app here(only for Android)

An inspiring speech was given  about the “Vision of innovation in Regional and Local Level” by Victor Arias (Tknika). We have to start to rethink the Vocational Education and Training system, and how to adapt new skills to the curricula in order to prepare learners for the Revolution 4.0. As Victor Arias said, the new learners are expecting more from teachers, innovative thinking and a different way of teaching which will change the relationship between the learner and the teacher.

Finally, Sue Bird (DG Employment -European Commission) invited all to take part on the next EU Vocational Skills Week 2017 and to register our events.

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